November 25, 2023

A solid union of rockers raised on both sides of the Mason-Dixon, Voodelic stirs together timeless soul stew of R&B, brain-warping psychedelia, and flat-out hard rock. The quintet got its start in the backwoods of Palenville NY in 2003, and thanks to its high-energy live shows, was one of the region’s most exalted club acts. The spectacle of wild-eyed and blues-wailin’ barefoot shaman Little Earl, bouncing like a juiced-up Rasputin, as Rice’s funky synths and gospel swells and the righteous ramalama
of Almquist and the Cartwright brothers fill the room with merciless grooves is enough to turn hypnotized dancers into quivering puddles of sweat.

“No one leaves a Voodelic show dry, you just gotta to move!”

“THA VOO” played their last show on August 21st 2014, and hadn’t looked back, until now, deciding to reconvene for a reunion and family gathering of sorts, at one of their favorite haunts, Keegan Ales!

Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

FREE admission
21+OVER after dark!

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