The Classics

December 31, 1969

Keegan Ales welcomes The Classics!

The Classics are a KEEGAN FAVORITE! A funk/soul trio based in the Woodstock Area, They are the go-to band if you’re trying to get your boogie on. They have even been dubbed “Woodstock’s party band”. All members of the band have a background in jazz so despite their small numbers they always manage to get a full sound that really embodies the classic funk/soul/r&b genres, without the horns or production that went into making that music. Their set on any given night can contain many recognizable favorites and perhaps some groovy tunes you’ve never heard before. Be sure to check out The Classics for a guaranteed good time.

Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

Free Admission
Mask required if NOT vaccinated!

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Nov 30 6:30pm

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Keegan Bar & Restaurant

FREE Admission
Mask required if NOT Vaccinated!

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