Journey Blue Heaven Duo

June 26, 2020

Keegan Ales is happy to welcome Journey Blue Heaven to the OUTDOOR stage!

If there was ever any question in your mind about whether or not Heaven existed you might be very curious to see what comes of it when you throw a bunch of people together with a love for music, soul and harmony together. You now have Journey Blue Heaven and the Rock City Revival. Thrown in together off the streets of a once cutting edge, maverick mentality to a fragmented utopia to a then reviving, ensuing, thriving, singing community, we are gratefully thanking one another and doing just that. Yes, presently coming from Woodstock, reviving, like that of the old- fashioned ‘canvas’ cathedrals, we are born to serve and give you a (new) song anywhere, anyhow.
There you have it, an in-sync, moving band of angels whose job it is to usher in Heaven through song, rhythm and rock and roll. It is our great pleasure to introduce these new songs (from our record and live) to your ears for your listening pleasure and a deprogramming program for our planet Earth.

Check out more of their music here.


Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

Free Admission