Beer Mile!

September 15, 2019

BEER MILE COMING! If you haven’t heard of a beer mile, look here:  Don’t be intimidated though, we at the Keegan Army take ourselves way less seriously.

SEPTEMBER 15TH, at 11 AM we will be doing a beer mile here at the brewery to raise money in support the Gruner Bike for Cancer Care Foundation.

The beer mile = a beer every 1/4 mile.

As some of you know, we had our first Beer Mile back in July.  It went great, but proved a tough challenge in the middle of a heat wave.  The September weather should treat us much better.  We look forward to having our returning participants as well as anyone new who is intrigued by the idea (or just willing to support a great cause)!

A minimum donation of $25 dollars will get you entrance into the Beer Mile and the beer needed to do so!

Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

$25 donation minimum

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