Keegan Ales is a proud member and supporter of our community, and strives to give back whenever we can.

Due to New York State Alcohol Beverage Control laws however, we are only able to legally donate product to 501©3 or 501©6 non-profit organizations who have obtained a one-day alcohol license for their event. If your organization and event meets those criteria, and your charitable event is more than 60 days out (since it does take time to activate these programs), you may submit a written proposal to for consideration. This proposal should provide information about your non-profit organization, tax identification number, as well as details about the event. We also require the respective parties to complete and return NYS Tax Expemption form ST-119 (located here). We do receive a large number of these inquiries, so we appreciate your understanding if we are not able to accommodate your request.

Donations are reviewed on the 1st of every month by an employee committee.

For consideration, your proposal must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the scheduled event date.

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  • Evaluation Criteria: The following information represents additional criteria Keegan Ales will use to help evaluate your request. Decisions are NOT made solely on the answers provided.