Myles Mancuso

December 8, 2018

Myles mancuso returns to the keegan ales main stage!

Performing professionally since the age of 9, Myles Mancuso (now 22), has grown up immersed in music.  He played all over NYC, before migrating south at the age of 18.  Upon winding up in Nashville, Myles grew fond of the country and bluegrass stylings around him, adopting them into his own, unique style.  A superb guitarist, vocalist, saxophonist, and pianist, he is currently touring and promoting his new record “Southern State of Mind”.

“Myles has assembled a fresh new line-up of the Hudson Valley’s top young nationally touring artists to bring his New Nashville-Inspired Sounds to audiences everywhere.. Always a Rousing Performance Full of High Energy Guitar, Honky Tonk Flavor, Tasty Numbers & Toe-Tappin’ Grooves..”

As for us at Keegan Ales, we remember Myles from his younger days passed, and it’ll certainly be nice to have him back around again!

Truly a talent not to be missed, check out Myles Mancuso here.

Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

Free Admission

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