JB Boogaloo Dance Party

March 15, 2019

Get down with the get down
: go to an event where there is dancing, and start dancing.
-Urban Dictionary

: a genre of Latino popular music of especially New York in the 1960s influenced by soul and rhythm and blues
; also : a dance performed to boogaloo music

Go-go dancers
: Ladies who dance to hype up and entertain the crowd at clubs. Many people think Go-go dancing is easy, but it’s like any other type of dance which requires skill and is much different than just partying with your girls on the dancefloor. Go-go’s often wear covers over their boots called fluffies and fishnet tights.
-Urban Dictionary

Girl (1): OMG that girl has some insanely fluffy boots!
Girl (2): Oh! The Go-go dancer? Yeah. I’d kill to party like her in those fluffies.

Jeremy Baum – Hammond B3 Organ/Vocals
Chris Vitarello – Guitar/Vocals
Manuel Quintana – Drums/Vocals
Dan Cipriano – Sax/Flute/Vocals
Carlos Valdez – Percussion

Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

Free Admission

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