American Film History and The Sweet Clementines

June 21, 2019

 We are going to have TWO bands on Friday, June 21st. Music kicks off at 9pm and goes until midnight! Its a show not to be missed!

American Film History have crafted a grandiose existential query to the gods of growing up and finding your spot in the universe. Glossy guitar moves, kitschy keyboard layers, and retro grooves support the unabashedly earnest, searching and powerful vocals. Be content with you light, child is stylistically savvy and rangy modern rock with lyrical commitment and 0% ironic detachment.

“…it’s all so refreshingly catchy and unpretentious, his embrace of pop music so unironic and bullshit-free, that you can’t help but sing along… piling huge choruses on top of beautifully-crafted melodies in need of a stadium to call home.”

The Sweet Clementines play eccentric original rock, sweet and weird, overstuffed with melody and melancholy, vibraphones and violins, from New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley.

“Sweet Clementines: Sophisticated, timeless, solid. If diamonds made a sound, it would be equivalent to music of The Sweet Clementines. Multi-faceted. Witty. Songs and instrumentation sparkling with light bending lustre and charm.” –Rick. – Music Director, DJ 98.1 WKZE

More information on the bands:

American Film History’s Facebook
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The Sweet Clementines’ Facebook

The Sweet Clementines’ Bandcamp


Located at Keegan Bar & Restaurant

Free Admission