Albert Carey Project

July 20, 2019

Albert Carey is a veteran performer and former member of the late / legendary Mick Ronson Band. Many people are already familiar with Carey’s music without being aware of it. The longtime singer- songwriter has collaborated with some of the best in the business and much of his music has been featured on numerous TV shows and commercials. Albert’s compositions have been featured on:

  • CBS Olympic Broadcasts
  • The Howard Stern Show
  • The Gordon Elliot Show
  • The Maury Povich Show
  • Turner Broadcasting Network
  • Leslie West – Dodgin’ in The Dirt (cd) Mick Ronson – Just Like This (cd)
  • America’s Most Wanted The Jerry Springer Show Rush Limbaugh
  • ABC College Football WCW Wrestling
  • The Last Word with Jim Rome and many, many more.

Recently, Albert has contributed two exciting songs for a CD called “Garage Band Christmas” released on Collectables Records. The two tracks feature Albert on vocals and guitar, Rick Mullens on bass, Billy Beehleron lead guitar and Mike Sciotta on drums.  Albert’s own solo album is a collection of killer classic rock and blues songs with a generous supply of stirring ballads.  Produced by “The Slimmer Twins” Production Team (Jody Gray and Paul Orofino), the CD is entitled “Ten Cents Short of a Dime”.  It’s the distilled spirit of the 70’s.  Nothing artificial: no synthesizers allowed, just great songs and the smokey flavor of searing, down-home playing with Carey’s gorgeous pipes in fine form.  No posin’, no apologies.  You can cach Albert performing many of these great original songs live with his current lineup called “The Sophisticatos”.  Albert is currently recording new material for his next CD release.  When he is not in studio, Albert is also a very busy sideman singing and playing bass or guitar in various established bands. \

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