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Menu Specials

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Chef Dane is at it again with some new additions to the menu! Come on in and fill up on some hearty food to combat this winter chill…..
Coconut & Curry Butternut Squash soup – $5

Chili & Cheese (w/ Sour Cream) – $7

Classic Mac & Cheese – $6 cup $9 Bowl

Spicy Sausage & Pork Jambalaya – $9

Pretzel w/ Ham & Swiss (and Deli Mustard) – $5

Hot Dog w/ Deli Mustard & BBQ Caramelized Onions

1/3 Rack of Ribs w/ side – $10

1/2 Smoked Chicken – $10

BBQ Brisket Sandwhich – $10

Pulled Pork Sandwhich – $10
& the heavenly Mother’s Milk Brownie $2
Prepare to drool…..

Costume Contest Winners

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Everyone is a winner here at Keegan Ales! But at this years Halloween party, we had some real winners of the costume contest! Each individual or group received a free growler filled with their favorite Keegan Ales brew. We want to give a special to thanks to everyone who came out to the brewery and celebrated with us. There were so many great costumes, it was hard to pick the best! The results are as follows:

9:00 pm – Purple Pimp

9:30 pm – the Tooth Fairy

10:00 pm – Horse

10:30 pm – Skeleton man

11:00 pm – Dead Bride & Groom

11:30 pm – School Girl

12:00 pm – Elvis & Marilyn Monroe

12:30 pm – Female Mummy

The bar has been set! Start planning your costumes for next year, and who knows maybe you’ll win some free beer!

Halloween Party

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Halloween Party

Homebrewing Classes

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

By overwhelming request, we are hosting our 2nd round of Home brewing classes here at the brewery. Some of the topics that will be covered by our knowledgeable staff are:

  • Recipe Formulation
  • Bottling & Kegging
  • DIY projects to make your brewing set up unique
  • Money saving brew-tactics
  • Proper sanitation techniques
  • Expanding your homebrew set up
  • Pairing Food & Beer
  • Storage and Aging
  • Question and Answer session with Instructor
  • And so much more!

The class will take place rain or shine, and have breaks for lunch and beer! The start time is set to be at 1 pm and we estimate the class to be 4 hours long

Sunday, January 13th: $20

 Whether your joining the class for yourself, or giving it as a gift to a friend or family member, when you crack open a bottle of your freshly made beer, you’ll be thankful you attended the class!

Any questions or comments regarding the class or homebrewing endeavors

Please contact the homebrew guru Patrick at or call 845-853-8273

O+ Festival & SmOk+oberfest

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Get ready everyone.  Don’t forget to mark the Weekend of October 5th on your calendar.  That is when the third annual O+ festival takes place this year.  If you haven’t been to any of the events for it in the past two years, well shame on your.  The short story of the festival is that it “Barters the Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art”.  Each year this festival has been growing and we are excited to see what this year has to bring.

In addition to that, if you needed more reason to attend some of the events is that we here at Keegan Ales brew a beer specifically for the O+ Festival each year.  We call it the “SmOk+oberfest”.  This special release beer is made with “wet” (or freshly picked) organic hops, which were donated to Keegan Ales for this special seasonal brew by Tony Menditto at Hopherder Farms in Walden, NY. Using local and organic hops, this Oktoberfest is as healthy as beer gets!

The staff that runs it are all pleasant people to work with and we are happy to do all we can to help.  Don’t forget to check out the O+ Website because they have way more information on there regarding the festival.

People’s Place Pig Roast

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Article from the Kingston Times

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Keegan Ales opens new homebrew supply store

by Jesse J. Smith on Aug 20, 2012 • 1:51 pm No Comments

Tommy Keegan and Mayor Gallo cut the ribbon. (Photo by Dan Barton)

Keegan Ales has spent the last decade or so building a reputation for its tasty craft-brewed beer that may be Kingston’s most popular export since the demise of the brick industry. Now, the Midtown brewery is putting their stamp on a new venture which will allow anybody with a kitchen and a little patience to create their own suds.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14 Keegan’s Home Brew and Mercantile opened with some fanfare among the local chamber of commerce crowd and a lot of enthusiasm among home brewers. The store, which stands across the parking lot from the Keegan Ales brewery and tap room on St. James Street, will serve as a homebrew supply store as well as a showcase for Keegan Ales merchandise and local gourmet food products.

“I just couldn’t stand to see another vacant Midtown store,” brewery owner Tommy Keegan said at the ribbon-cutting, joined by Mayor Shayne Gallo, Ulster chamber President Ward Todd and about a dozen other friends and supporters.

Inside the store, sacks of grain and tubs of malt share space with Keegan Ales T-shirts and pint glasses as well as food products, and even soap made with Keegan beer. There were some bourbon barrels too — Keegan Ales teamed up with the Culinary Institute of America for the limited edition American Bounty Anniversary Ale. As part of the 30th birthday of the CIA’s famed restaurant, Keegan’s has combined two of its mainstay brews, but with a twist. “This blend of Keegan’s [golden ale] Old Capital and their dark and creamy Mother’s Milk is aged in American whiskey barrels,” said Noelle Guagliardo, the CIA’s beverage manager. “The result is a delicious medium-bodied ale with hints of oatmeal, chocolate, caramel and smoke.”

According to Tommy Keegan, the store’s product line hews to his belief in locally grown, locally produced products. As an example, Keegan cites the Joe Mama’s Milk soap combines Keegan’s own coffee-infused stout beer, coffee from locally based Monkey Joe’s and soap from the Edelweiss Soap Company on Wall Street.

“That little five ounce bar of soap represents three companies within a mile of each other in Kingston,” said Keegan. “That’s a local product.”

But the heat of the new venture is home brewing. Making one’s own beer is a millennia-old occupation that returned to this land in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter signed a law lifting taxes on beer brewed for personal consumption. Since then, home brewing has grown from a clandestine hobby into a major industry with what is estimated to be a million adherents and hundreds of competitive events held each year across the country —except in Mississippi and Alabama, the only states where home beer brewing remains illegal.

‘Anyone can do it’

Home brewing techniques range from the simple and straightforward to the mind-bogglingly complex (most professional brewers have a background in microbiology). Would-be home brewers typically start out “extract brewing” using pre-made malt extract as a base combined with hops and grain for flavor, then move on to making their own mash and generating beer from scratch. A starter kit and everything you need to make about five gallons of homebrew will run you about $100, according to Keegan’s home brewing consultant, Pat Sylvester.

“It seems impossible at first,” said Sylvester, who has been home-brewing for the past year and a half. “But with extract brewing, it’s almost foolproof. Anyone can do it.”

Keegan’s homebrew store stocks a wide array of supplies, from $75 starter kits to 20 different varieties of grain and Keegan Ales’ own brewing yeast. According to Sylvester, the shop is able to offer brewing supplies at much lower prices than other brew stores or online retailers since they can piggyback on the bulk purchases of the brewery next door. The close proximity to the brewery also offers a ready source of expert advice on brewing techniques.

“We have actual brewers right next door,” said Sylvester, who has been home brewing for about a year and half. “If there’s something we don’t know, we can walk across the parking lot and find out. What we do as a hobby, they do professionally.”

And while one of the joys of home brewing is experimenting with different ingredients and flavor combinations, those looking for a tried and true recipe will soon be able to brew Keegan Ales’ favorite products at home. Sylvester said the store’s staff was working on “clone kits” which include the recipe and all the ingredients necessary to brew Keegan Ales favorites, like Hurricane Kitty or Old Capital, at home.

“It’s really a glorious thing when you can brew your own craft beer, give it to your friends and tell them, ‘I made this,’” said Sylvester. “You’ll make a lot of friends.”

“Craft Beer App”

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

For the second year in a row, we at Keegan Ales have collaborated with the good people at “Craft Beer App”.  They are now on their second version of the app and this one is very impressive.  The app has great food pairing recommendations, geo-location maps, streaming video and a lot more!  This app really is a must have for the Iphone and Craft beer lover.

Click on the link to download or just to check it out more

Homebrew & Mercantile

Friday, August 3rd, 2012


Keegan Ales Homebrew & Mercantile has everything you need to start your homebrewing career! We keep an up-to-date stock on over 25 different varieties of grain, as well as an always changing selection of hops and yeast! Our knowledgable staff is trained next-door in the brewery, so you can get the professional experience to help you become a serious homebrewer.

 We also feature a wide selection of Keegan Ales merchandise to help you show your love for your favorite local brewery. From t-shirts to hats, growlers and 6 packs, we have everything you need to take Keegan Ales home. We also feature local vendors from the Hudson Valley, including Spacey Tracy, Pika’s Farm-To-Table, Heartbreaking Dawns, and more!

Store Hours:

Friday 4pm – 8pm

Saturday Noon – 8 pm

Sunday Noon – 6pm.

So whether it be to get your hops, grains, yeast and brewing supplies, to get decked out in some Keegan Ales apparel, showing support some of the other local stores we have featured in our store, or just to come play some free classic arcade games, stop on in and check us out.

Like us on Facebook to see some more pictures and some of our prices and awesome deals available.

Phone Number for the store is (845) 853-8273

Keegan’s All The Way

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Check out our radio spot for our New Year’s Eve Party!

More info on the event here!